Took a break from drawing

I took a break from drawing and now i feel like my style is changing and i like the new energy and i like the direction and drawing seems more energetic now.

I kinda lost track of where i wanted to go with my art. i feel like i marinated too much and it made me spiral almost in the wrong direction. i like the art i've been making lately, but at some point it just became uninspired, expecially the way i execute(d) certain visual decisions.
I also moved away from some things that i think are cool. Like, I didn't cater enough to the things that I REALLY want to draw. Sometimes when I see pretty watercolor paintings it makes me want to paint like that too. A girl surrounded by flowers or something like that. But in reality, although i really like looking at those pieces, making them is kinda boring to me.

Idk. Regardless, after taking a break from drawing for 7-10 days, I kinda feel like I can look at where I left off and view my art with new and refreshed eyes. It's easier for me now to pinpoint what wasn't working when I started the break, and based on that it might be easier to figure out what to do to remedy it. I think it's how improvement works in general.
I feel like this happens whenever I improve and level up. I get frustrated with my art and stop drawing for a few times. Although this time around it was a conscious decision to take a break. Never the less, once the break is over and I return to the (non-hypothetical) drawing board, the new art that comes out is usually better than what it was before the break.
I guess that's it for now.

these are just my own thoughts.